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Television, Screen Writer

“A first-rate production”
Variety International

AWARDS 2021/22/23/24




A psychological drama 

Israela Margalit, writer

Best Screenplay New York Film Awards                                                                                               

Best Screenplay Paris Independent Film Festival                                                                             

Best Screenplay Vegas Movie Awards.

Best Screenwriter Vegas Movie Awards

Official Selection Berlin Independent Art Film Festival                                                                                                                           

Official Selection Toronto  International                                                            Women Film Festival                                                                                                               

Official Selection London Filmmakers Awards                                                                     

Official Selection Manchester Film Festival

Official Selection Edinburg Film Festival

Official Selection Manchester Film Festival



A comedy of manners in word and song

Israela Margalit, script, lyrics

Oran Eldor, music

Finalist Best Screenplay Austin Comedy Film Festival

Finalist Best Screenplay Portland Comedy Film Festival

Finalist Best Screenplay Houston Comedy Film Festival

Finalist Best Screenplay Georgia Comedy Film Festival

Official Selection Oxford Script Awards UK                                                                                   

Official Selection Nashville Film Festival

Official Selection Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition (semi finalist)  



A thriller screenplay

Israela Margalit, writer

Best Thriller Screenplay Festigious International Film Festival LA

Official Selection Los Angeles Film Awards                                                                                           

Official Selection New York Independent Cinema Awards                                            

Official Selection Thriller/Suspense Festival                                                                                                                             

Official Selection California Indies



An action drama

Israela Margalit, writer

Special Jury Remi Award Best Screenplay WorldFest Houston 55

Honorary Mention Best Screenplay FilmCon Awards, LA

Finalist Vancouver Independent Film Festival

Official selection Big Apple Film and Screenplay Competition                                                  

Official selection Lebanese Independent Film Festival



A drama

Israela Margalit, writer

2nd Place Award Williamsburg International Film & Music Screenplay  Competition

Official selection Nashville Independent Filmmakers Festival



Israela Margalit, writer

Best Screenplay Vienna Indie Short Film Festival

Official Selection Dublin World Film Festival                                                                           

Official Selection Manhattan Short Film Festival                                                                                   

Official Selection Santa Barbara International Screenplays Awards                                                                                                                            

Official Selection Venice Shorts

Official Selection Kerry International Film Festival, Ireland

Family Circles

A TV Comedy Series Pilot

Israela Margalit and James Harmon Brown, writers

Best TV Series Pilot  Toronto Film and Script Awards

Official selection (Under the title, Sex Today, Love Tomorrow) Toronto Indie Shorts Festival                                                                              

Official selection (Under the title,  Sex Today, Love Tomorrow) Cannes International Cinema Festival



A 47-m film: 6 plays about love, pain, and hope (streaming)

Israela Margalit, writer, producer, co-director with John-Martin Green

Finalist Best Short Film Independent Shorts Awards Best Film

Official Selection IndieX Film Fest                                                                                                      

Official Selection Hamburg Indie Shorts Film Festival                                                                      

Official Selection Hong Kong Indie Film Festival                                                                                                                         

Official Selection Indie Short Fest, LA



A 17-m art/docu film

Israela Margalit writer, pianist, director, producer

Award Accolade Global Film Competition

Award Global Film Competition

Official selection Brooklyn International Shorts Awards






The Well-Tempered Bach with Peter Ustinov
A two-hour PBS Special, produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting, Wisconsin Public Television, Deutsche Welle, Transtel.
Prime time Emmy nomination.

Celebrating Haydn with Sir Peter Ustinov
A two-hour PBS Special. Produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting , Wisconsin Public Television, EuroArts, SAT 3, ORF, and Transtel.
Gold Medal, the New York Film and Television Festival.
National Education Association Media Award.

The Mozart Mystique with Sir Peter Ustinov
A two-hour PBS Special, produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting , Wisconsin Public Television,  SAT 3, Deutsche Welle, Transtel.
National Education Association Media Award.

The Immortal Beethoven with Peter Ustinov
A two-hour PBS Special, produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting , Wisconsin Public Television, Deutsche Welle, Transtel. 

“Part biography, part performance, and part career analysis, (it’s) a
first-rate production.”
(The Mozart Mystique)
Variety International

“An intriguing portrait. Perhaps the real star is Israela Margalit, who wrote the fresh, provocative script, and offers jolts of genuine Beethovenian spirit in her performance.”
(The Immortal Beethoven)
USA Today

“Mozart had his due with Amadeus. Now it’s Beethoven’s turn to get his due. (A) superb bio narrated by Peter Ustinov at his classiest and written by Israela Margalit, one of the many musicians who add just the right amount of wonderful music to these two hours.”
(The Immortal Beethoven)
People Magazine

“A superlative rich script by Israela Margalit”
(The Immortal Beethoven)
The Washington Post


Classic Changes from Rubinsten to Shostakovich to Schnittke
A one-hour television special, produced by Moonlight Productions
and Music and More, Inc.
Finalist The Long Island Film & TV festival.


Beethoven, the Prodigy, the Titan
A one-hour television special, produced by Arts & Entertainment.
Selected for permanent display at the New York Museum of Broadcasting.
“We regard (this program) among the very cream of the Arts & Entertainment crop.”
Curtis Davis, Vice-President, Programming, Arts & Entertainment


A one-hour drama special, produced by ZDF.
Selected as one of the ten best television programs of the year by
Bild und Funk. 

“A wonderful gift for music lovers. Exceptional artistic talent.
Her playing is impressive.”
Bild Und Funk

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