Israela Margalit
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“Fast moving, instructive and engaging”
The New York Times



Award Best Play – Oxford Script Awards UK

Finalist – Cambridge Script Festival UK

Official Selection – Chicago Script Awards



Official Selection –Best Scripts Awards – London


Ovation-recommendation LA



Award Best Stage Play Oxford Script Awards UK



Best Production – New York Midtown International Theater Festival

Outstanding Writing Nomination – New York Midtown International Theater Festival


Honorable Mention Best Play – New York 14th, Fifteen-Minute Play Festival



Nomination – We Script Competition Film Festival

Official Selection –Art Film Spirit Awards Toronto

A drama. One set. Eight actors.

An Israeli war hero falls in love with a Palestinian woman in a tale of violence, tragedy, and loss.

“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”


“Composed in cinematic style of fast-moving scenes that shift between Jewish and Arab households in villages in Israel, with an occasional digression to the streets of Jerusalem, the neatly carpentered Night Blooming is instructive and engaging.”
The New York Times

“An extraordinary theatrical experience.”
Yediot America

“Tender and revealing. Charming and insightful.”
The Jewish Week


New York, the Tribeca Playhouse, 2000. Directed by Jeremy Dobrish. Produced by Christopher Roberts. With Thom Christopher, Frances Anderson, Ian Kahn, Pierre Epstein, Joshua Annex, Dean Strober, David Josefsberg, Tricia Paoluccio, Danna Smith, Melissa Gabriel.

New York, Under St. Marks Theater, 2013. Directed by Artem Yatsunov. Produced by Kelley Girod. Presented by Horse Trade Theater in association with MTP. With Joseph Barbarino, Ari Shachtel, Alissa Razzano, Anthony Knotts, Rita Rehn, Michael Twaige, Nuah Ozryel, and Shannon Sullivan.

A drama. One set. Five actors.

Schumann, Clara, Brahms: three musical giants love, admire, and nearly destroy each other in a conflict between artistic egotism and private passions.

“The artistic temperament can’t survive unless it consumes everything in its path.”


If Jane Austen had written plays as well as novels, she might have written Trio. A wise and powerful drama. A must see.”
Santa Monica Daily Press

“We thank Israela Margalit for lighting our soul. Not only light but taste and humanity such as we witnessed in this play full of humor, smoke of cigars, vanilla scent and wonderful music.”
Russian Cultural Agency

“Intelligent, witty. The brilliance of the writing is astounding.”

“A play that plucks your heart strings.
The Epoch Times

Moscow, the Soveremenick Theatre, and tours throughout Russia and Ukraine, 2004 – 2011, Directed by Pyotor Stein. Produced by Yevgeny Morozov, Seven Stars Productions. With Emmanueel Vetorgahn, Evgenia Kryukova, Dmitry Isayev, Alexander Loye.

Los Angeles, the Lounge Theatre, 2011. Directed by Rick Sparks. Produced by Racquel Lehrman in association with Lublu productions.
With Bjorn Johnson, Meghan McDonough, Jeremy Shranko, Peter Collburn, Brian Normoyle.

Vörösmarty Theatre in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, Hungarian Theaters Festival in Pecs. 2011. Winner Best Actor, Best Actress.

A comedy. One set. Six actors.

Five dysfunctional New Yorkers try to make sense of their messy love life.

“Some women marry the men of their lives, others marry the lives of their men.”


“A jet-paced comedy of contemporary manners wowed us. This razor-sharp play (is) set in a seedy bar where lives collide in a wry, poignant modern-day search for love. Quirky, quippy, sophisticated delight.”
The Nassau Herald

“A fun clever play that will delight you.”

“A great script.”
Stage Press Weekly

New York, Access Theater, 2002. Directed and produced by Margarett Perry. With Jordan Charney, Kim Zimmer, Jesse Doran, Louisa Flaningam, Jeremy Webb, Erica Picinnini.



One act play: New York Midwinter Madness Festival, 2013. Directed by Christopher Diercksen. Produced by Kelley  Girod.
With Samantha Debicki, Bethany Geraghty, Ben Kaufman,
Roger Nasser.
Winner Best Production, nominated Outstanding Writing,
The New York MITF

A showcase production: New York, 2014. Directed by John Clancy. Produced by Kelley Girod. With: Elizabeth Galalis, Brennan Lowery, Wei-Yi Lin, and Paul Romano. Ensemble: Abigail Rose Solomon, Andrew Chaffee, and Zack Friedman.

                                                                                                                                                        A showcase production: New York,  2011.

Directed by Margarett Perry. Produced by Adam Fitzgerald.

With Lori Prince, Brian Dykstra, Susan Ferrara, Christopher Hirsh.

Presumed Guilty

A ten-minute play. Three actors.

Access Theater, New York, “Gallery Works” Festival.
Directed by the playwright.


On the Bench

A fifteen-minute play. Two actors.

“As beautiful, subtle, and poignant as any play that I have seen
in New York this year.”
My Entertainment

The Kraine Theater, politiKos, New York Political Theater Festival. Directed by John-Martin Green.
“Happiness” Festival, New York, the Drilling company. Directed by Hamilton Clancy.
Finalist, 911 short play competition, Los Angeles American Science Theater
Winner Outstanding Play Honorary Mention the 14th New York fifteen-minute Play Festival, the Globe Theater.
Directed by Jeremy Dobrish.